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About us

Betula Energy AS will produce bioenergy from wood in a greenfield production facility in Grenland, Norway. The initial products will be biocarbon, bio-oil and wood pellets. We will utilize the excellent synergies between the production lines and with time the portfolio of bio-based products will expand.

A common denominator for the Betula Energy products is that they will help customers achieve sustainability by replacing fossil energy with renewable energy. When fossil coal is replaced with biocarbon, the savings of CO2 in tons will be close to twice the tons of fossil coal. Long term, we have good flexibility and many options for expanded production on site, change of production mix and replication of the facilities elsewhere.

The drying process will have significant heat recovery. Residues from production will be fully utilized - either as raw material in production or for heat production in the multi-fuel boiler.  The process will be thoroughly controlled to be able to adjust to customers demand. The control process for particle comminution will have a patented solution based on machine learning.

The raw materials for Betula Energy will be logs, energy wood and residue - preferably of high density birch.

In 2019 we engaged NORSKOG to perform a study of raw material in the Grenland-region. The conclusion was that there is more than enough raw material within acceptable transport distance from the plant. With increased annual logging of birch, there is a potential to supply all the needed biomass locally, but we will of course as an option establish sourcing from other regions by ship.

The demand for biocarbon as a reducing agent in the metallurgic industry is steadily increasing. The same goes for bio-oil as a raw material in refining of biofuel.

Government regulations, soon to ban the use of fossil coal in most district heating and power plants of Northern Europe, have increased the demand for wood pellets for many years and the future looks bright for the pellet industry.

Bioeconomy is by definition use of renewable biological resources from land and sea, like crops, forests, fish, animals and micro-organisms to produce food, materials and energy.

Betula Energy will be an important contributor to the bioeconomy.

Betula is latin for the family of birch trees.

The standing volume of forests has trippeled in Norway during the last 90 years (Nibio, 2017)

Customers like Ørsted will replace fossil coal with wood based pellets

Customers in the metallurgic industry will replace fossil coal with pellets of biocarbon

Bio-oil from the pyrolysis can be refined to replace fossil fuel in transport

The region where the Betula Energy plant will be established is rich on hardwood forests.
Annual logging, harvesting of this excellent renewable resource, is very limited


Skjerkøya in Bamble, a peninsula in Frierfjorden, is well-suited for the Betula Energy plant. The region is rich in raw material and with lots of other industry along the fjord, skilled operators and contractors are readily available. We have secured a 100.000 m² industry ready property for the plant.

Production close to the market

Ice-free harbour in Frierfjorden

The 100.000 m² industry-ready property is secured

Contact info

Betula Energy AS
Karl Johans gate 13
0154 OSLO

Chairman & CEO
Kjetil Bakke Eriksen
+47 982 98 008
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